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Are you looking for expert advice to help you with an Odour Assessment or Odour Management Plan (OMP) or do you need an expert witness on this topic? Then I can help you, my experience in odours covers numerous commerical kitchens and restaurants using the EMAQ+ guidance,  intensive animal rearing including chickens, horses, pigs, cattle and ducks, wastewater (sewage) treatment, waste processing and disposal, food processing and chemical works. I also have carried out many projects that examine whether an area near to an odorous activity is suitable for residential use.


I have worked in the field for more than 37 years and was the chairman of the working group that produced the Institute of Air Quality Management's Guidance on Odours and Planning in 2014 and updated in 2018. I consequently have an excellent knowledge of the odour issues that can arise when making a planning application.


I have assisted many clients at public inquiries, in court and at planning committees. I have given expert evidence on over 70 occasions in court, public inquiries, DCO hearings, in Parliamentary committees and have worked with many of the UK's leading barristers.


My work includes preparation of reports for planning applications, review of odour assessment reports, odour modelling, preparation of Odour Management Plans (OMPs), assistance with abatement notices, best practicable means (BPM), odour surveys and expert witness.


I was a contributing author to the book Designing with Smells  published by Routledge in October 2017.


An overview of my experience can be found on my CV which can be downloaded below. 


Why Use Me?


Many consultants can be knowledgeable about odour issues and are able to interpret the relevant guidance. However, they will not necessarily be familiar with the reasons why guidance suggests particular approaches, nor the research that underpins its recommendations.  


I aim to give honest advice to help you reach your desired outcome but if I feel that your case is weak, I will advise at the outset to avoid unnecessary expense. 


By choosing me you will have confidence that your project is in the hands of an expert who has:

  • been at the heart of the development of the industry guidance;
  • has been responsible for some of the recent research on odour;
  • was directly involved in some of the cases that have influenced the recommended approaches to odour assessment;
  • has vast experience built up over many years (and may already have tackled your issue before);
  • cost effective solutions - low overheads allows provision of industry leading advice at lower fee rates;
  • as an experienced air quality consultant understands that some odour control options can result in serious air quality issues;

Consequently Michael has real authority in the field when defending his opinions.


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